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J. Maule

All Lives Matter

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To everyone in this community, I want you to watch this video. I'm having to use a voice to text from my phone in order to write this my eyes are too watery to type. For all officers in blue and all officers in Gray you will forever be missed for you did your line of duty. I'm one of those ones in gray. And I'm wanting to share this with y'all because people forget what the blue line and the Gray Line do for y'all. We keep you all safe we fight a hidden War nobody knows. It's hard for me to explain what we go through on a daily basis. We fight what you fear and that you can't fight. We're always there for you. If anybody is going through any kind of trouble you need to talk don't be afraid to contact me I'll get to you soon as I can for that's my job. I don't only keep inmates locked up I keep my community safe and I don't mean just mean the community on here also mean in real life I watch everybody I think of everybody including you all. I hope you all do the same for me for what I can do is very hard to do I thank you for all your support and I want you to remember those falling in the line of duty. People think that were monsters but we're not. I know this isn't server related of any type to all around gaming I just needed to share this.

Correctional Officer J. Maule

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