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J. Maule

Community Rules

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Community Rules


*Note: Rules maybe be updated, changed, or removed, or even added. 


  • Any Bullying, Discrimination, Racism, being a nuisance, Harassment will not be tolerated. Cursing in a demeaning manner towards players can also be deemed harassment and can result in a ban. (Whether within a role play situation or not)
  • Harassing / Fanboying of streamers or content creators will not be tolerated and carries a severe punishment
  • Entering debug zone is not allowed and is classed as fail RP
  • Duping or exploiting is not tolerated. Report these to the staff team
  • Witch hunting is not allowed. (Get someone in trouble because they got you in trouble)
  • You must always act with maturity throughout a support case. (These cases must be kept private).
  • Video evidence is required for compensation.
  • Lag switches or auto clickers are a bannable offense
  • Any form of "trolling", or actions performed for the sole purpose of destroying role play or annoying others will be punished at staff discretion based on frequency and severity.
  • Do NOT spam any of the staff members on the forums or in-game. (Unless an EMERGENCY) Post on the forums and your case will be solved.
  • If you are banned on an account the ban also applies to you as a person, you can't use another account to evade the original ban. Anyone caught ban evading or helping others evade bans will be subject to a permanent ban on all accounts used.
  • DO NOT disrespect Staff or members
  • Avatars Must be Safe for Work (EX. no nudity, no racism)
  • Spamming Channels is Kickable
  • Trash Talking All Around Gaming Servers is kickable
  • Mic Spamming (after 3 warnings) is bannable
  • Any type of threats are bannable (ex. ddosing, doxing)

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