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Altis Life rules

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General Community Rules

Section 1.0


  • Any Bullying, Discrimination, Racism, being a nuisance, Harassment will not be tolerated. Cursing in a demeaning manner towards players can also be deemed harassment and can result in a ban. (Whether within a role play situation or not)
  • Harassing / Fanboying of streamers or content creators will not be tolerated and carries a severe punishment
  • Entering debug zone is not allowed and is classed as fail RP
  • Duping or exploiting is not tolerated. Report these to the staff team
  • Witch hunting is not allowed. (Get someone in trouble because they got you in trouble)
  • You must always act with maturity throughout a support case. (These cases must be kept private).
  • Video evidence is required for compensation.
  • Lag switches or auto clickers are a bannable offense
  • Any form of "trolling", or actions performed for the sole purpose of destroying role play or annoying others will be punished at staff discretion based on frequency and severity.
  • Do NOT spam any of the staff members on the forums or in-game. (Unless an EMERGENCY) Post on the forums and your case will be solved.
  • If you are banned on an account the ban also applies to you as a person, you can't use another account to evade the original ban. Anyone caught ban evading or helping others evade bans will be subject to a permanent ban on all accounts used.
  • DO NOT disrespect Staff or members
  • Avatars Must be Safe for Work (EX. no nudity, no racism)
  • Spamming Channels is Kickable
  • Trash Talking All Around Gaming Servers is kickable
  • Mic Spamming (after 3 warnings) is bannable
  • Any type of threats are bannable (ex. ddosing, doxing)

Random Deathmatch (RDM) & Initiation Rules

Section 1.1

  • To initiate you must have a visible firearm out and point it towards your target declaring a valid roleplay reason/request to the target you are initiating on.
  • You can only initiate at a range of maximum 25 meters or basic vocal distance. Make sure the person can hear you if they don't hear you reiterate the command. 
  • Initiation can only be made through direct communication (No dispatch system!)
  • Initiation can not be made on a vehicle that is moving over 60KM/H or if there is a loud sound in the background (Fully spun helicopter)
  • Trash talking does not count as valid initiation nor can it be classed as a valid reason to initiate. (Report to staff if a community member is doing so in game)
  • You must wait a total of 10 seconds for your target to meet your demands unless they attempt to escape or to kill you.
  • Initiation cannot be made from within a vehicle unless the player making the initiation is in a seat which can be fire from, e.g back of an Off-Road or a Helicopter Bench or Ramp.
  • Initiation lasts for 5 Minutes since the first initiation is made; any interaction between the players involved has to be re-initiated unless the situation is obviously still ongoing.
  • Initiation involving the Police is not transferred to all police officers but only on those that respond as a backup and those initially in the situation.
  • You cannot proceed to initiate on someone after having a head-on collision(Civ on Civ only "this means that you are under the civilian slot on the server").
  • You cannot rob someone that is in an animation or go into an animation to avoid being robbed. (i.e, repairing a car)
  • Do not zip tie/restrain someone without initiation.
  • Initiation MUST be made in ENGLISH ONLY.

Vehicle Deathmatch (VDM)

Section 1.2


  • You are not allowed to run over someone unless they are directly in front of you, firing at you, and you are left with no other way to escape
  • After running someone over, you are NOT allowed to rob them or kill them or do any sort of aggressive roleplay with them.
  • You must drive away and wait for them to get up.
  • Ramming a vehicle is considered VDM unless proper initiation has taken place.
  • Ramming a vehicle to stop it is not considered VDM (i.e. a PIT maneuver, road rage, etc.)
  • Cops, however, CAN use the PIT Maneuver and it is a form of initiation against civilians.


Section 1.3


  • You are NOT to use third-party communications to gather information about players in-game
  • To be able to use a player's name you must have been given it or gained it through a role play method
  • You cannot pretend to "lose your vehicle keys" to avoid having your vehicle stolen
  • You must find the location of gang bases through RP, i.e drug deals
  • You are not allowed to create unrealistic role play situations for the sole purpose of personal gain (i.e. Cutting off someone's tongue, saying you don't have hands for cuffs, etc.)

New Life Rule (NLR)

Section 1.4

  • NLR is “10” minutes meaning you can NOT go back to your death location after respawning before the timer is up, the timer starts once you hit respawn. [You can never return to a major crime]
  • You may NOT revive someone just to kill/rob them.
  • After being revived by EMS, you must stay in their custody until you are released or have been properly treated and deemed healthy by EMS.
  • You are NOT allowed to threaten the medic to let you go or have your gang members do the same.
  • Medics will roleplay with you and when they deem you healthy they will make the judgment of whether to release you from medical custody or not.
  • If EMS revives a player that opts in “request for medic”, then the previous  RP scenario MUST be reinitiated verbally. (Example) The police can take a subject into custody after EMS revives and deems that the player who requested medic is healthy.
  • When you die/respawn, you cannot remember anyone or anything (except who your friends are).
  • If there are less than 4 cops on, then cops can respond back to where they died if another officer calls for backup. Besides that, all of the other NLR rules are in effect (they cannot remember how they died/who did it, etc)

Gang Rules

Section 1.5


  • There can only be one official leader of a gang.
  • Gangs need to wear the same clothing; if you do not, you need to initiate separately.
  • Just having the same tags is not enough.
  • Gangs must have a roster that Senior Management Team can easily see. A link to this roster must be provided in one of their gang channels.
  • There is a three strike gang policy.
  • Gang Strikes are issued upon Senior Management Team Discretion.
  • Gangs must not set up an internal payment system in which members pay for promotions etc. If gang members wish to contribute towards the gang (e.g., pay the monthly rent of the gang or buy a gang vehicle skin), then the transaction must happen between Owners and the gang member wishing to help the gang out.
  • Senior Management Team has the authority to remove any gang if issues are continuously occurring.
  • Gangs cannot charge from there gang member to get ranks or spots etc within the gang.
  • If a group member of yours is RDM’d, or a player attempts to RDM you, this counts as one-way initiation meaning you can return fire, however, this only counts towards the player or players firing at you.
  • Gang Initiation is valid for 1.5 km near the area. (If a member enters the area and the initiation is still active, they are to initiate.)


Roleplay Rules

Section 1.6


  • Never break character because it destroys roleplay and immersion for you and others around you.
  • You must wait 10 seconds after initiating before you can knock someone out.
  • You must not just kill a police officer to gain their weapons and equipment there must always be some sort of roleplay.
  • You cannot knock out someone in a combat situation.
  • You must have a good reason to evade the police (Rifles, Narcotics, Warrants etc.)
  • Saying "is that initiation?" does not count as initiation and will count as Fail RP.
  • You cannot use information that you found out of the game to use within roleplay.
  • You cannot bait cops to chase or rob them. This includes getting a helicopter a flying over DOC just to get cops to give warning shots.
  • You must always value your life - 1 vs 3 with guns with no chance of survival. (Ex. In a vehicle, holstered weapon, hands on your head, knocked out etc.)
  • If someone gains an advantage on you, I.E comes up to you and has a weapon pointed at you asking you to surrender, lay down, etc. You must comply and value your life, spinning around or retaliating is considered not valuing your life.
  • You cannot play music when handcuff or tied up.
  • If you are held at gunpoint and you don't have a firearm already drawn, you must comply with the robber's demands.
  • If you are held at gunpoint, and you do not have a weapon to defend yourself. under no circumstances, you run away as you have to comply with the robber demands.
  • A minimum of 3 Police Officers must be online for low crimes (eg. Robbing a gas station)  5 Police Officers must be online for any major crime (eg. Robbing Fed)
  • You cannot use a tow truck to tow unrealistic vehicles, e.g. towing a bus or a truck.
  • You can not 'Interfere' with bodies to the extent to where the EMS cannot revive them.
  • You must have a valid roleplay reason to execute someone, failure to abide by this rule will result in Fail RP.
  • Speed Limit within a city 60 km/h.
  • Speed Limit outside a city 110 km/h.
  • Combat Storing Vehicles in your personal home is allowed.
  • Sling loading a vehicle is a one-way initiation, meaning the owner of the vehicle and his fellow gang members may shoot the player sling loading.
  • You may NOT break roleplay in any way, the only exception is to type a control to a new player, such as windows key or Shift+B.
  • Someone else breaking a rule does NOT allow you to do the same, you should act normal, stay in character and then resolve it with aid in the TeamSpeak or on the forums.
  • If given warning shots and you continue to fly over DOC, it can be considered cop-baiting. 
  • "Combat Reviving" - For EMS, PD, and Civilians to follow: If oppositions are in a combat scenario, neither party can revive during that scenario. After the last shot is fired from either side, a theoretical timer has begun. This timer is to last 5 minutes for all factions. If a shot is fired during this brief period the timer is then reset.
  • You cannot shoot as soon as you get Revived 
  • You cannot shoot as soon as you get back up from being tazed/robbed


Green Zone Rules

Section 1.7

  • No crime can be committed inside a green zone.
  • Green Zones are:
  • All Hospitals.
  • City Squares.
  • 25M of any NPC
  • Spawn points 
  • When the police are doing training, the area that they are training in is a green zone.
  • You should Cannot flee into a green zone. (Includes Combat Storing Vehicles)
  • You can not bait inside of a green zone (annoying or taunting someone).
  • Using Illegal Items in the Green Zone for any tactical advantage for both civs and cops is considered a bannable offense. (Such as GPS on cars)
  • You cannot camp Safe Zones within 50 meters 


Red Zone Rules

Section 1.8

  • Both players MUST be in the red zone to KOS
  • These are Lawless zones, no initiation required.
  • Crash sites are NOT red zones.
  • You are not allowed to engage players who are flying over or driving past the area, only if you're certain they are attempting to land in the area of the red zone.
  • Red Zones are:  TBD

EMS Rules

Section 2.0


  • EMS is not above the law, they can be restrained by APD and taken into police custody under the right RP circumstances.
  • Medics can’t judge whether someone can be revived or not unless they are told otherwise by EMS High Command.
  • Medics are not to be in possession of a firearm.
  • If the civilian is being sent to prison while in medical custody, you must ask the police officer to escort you to the hospital. (Driving away on purpose will result in Fail RP).
  • You must never issue or sell items/vehicles to civilians.
  • Medics are not allowed to kill.
  • Killing AMS medics will result in a ban unless you warned the medic away. 
  • Refusing medical custody when revived by a medic is fail RP and is a bannable offense. 
  • Medics may not revive during combat or 5 minutes after the battle has ended and has been deemed code four by the cops at the situation.
  • If a player is revived, you are automatically in EMS custody and once release medical custody protections are gone.
  • In medical custody, you can not rob or kill or be robbed or killed.
  • Asking for revival, complaining about EMS response time, etc. in chat will not be tolerated, and is considered FailRP.
  • Park properly and off the road, you can and will be ticketed if on the highway.


Civilian Rules

Section 2.1

  • Civilians can not purposely get into police chases, as this will count as cop-baiting.
  • You must wait 15 mins before robbing the same person again.
  • You cannot rob EMS in any circumstance
  • You cannot steal EMS vehicles in any circumstances.
  • You cannot wear EMS clothing under any circumstances.
  • Civilians are not allowed to wear martial law clothing under any circumstances.
  • If you are restrained by a cop it is presumed that your communications are taken away.


Combat Logging

Section 2.2

  • Logging out during or after an RP situation is NOT allowed (Only if you have the ok from a member of SMT to do so).
  • You are to wait for the full death timer before leaving the server.
  • Multiple Combat Logging offenses due to (PC Crashing) will result in a ban.


Major Crimes

Section 2.3

  • There can only be one major crime at a time.
  • You can NOT do a Major Crime during Martial Law.
  • Major crimes consist of:
  • Having a PD access card
  • going into PD without proper authorization
  • Bank Robbing
  • Federal Reserve
  • Attack on DOC
  • Hostage Negotiations
  • You cannot enter the bank or federal reserve with the intention of committing a major crime before the 10 min mark has passed.
  • You may only commit a major crime with a maximum of 10 participants.
  • You must send a message within 45 seconds to police, stating your intentions during a major crime (negotiations / no negotiations, location, etc.).
  • Failing to do so will result in a standard protocol which may include: death, immediate arrest, etc.
  • You may not commit a major crime without 5 police online. (Including taking a police officer hostage)
  • You cannot call off negotiations via a text message.
  • You are not to target an unarmed negotiator or hostages once negotiations are called off (however, hostages may be shot DURING negations if demands are not met).
  • No major crime can be committed within 10 minutes of server uptime, or before server restart
  • Robberies of the Federal Reserve / Bank can be "countered", but you must initiate on the APD. (You can "Free Fire" on Civs but you must initiate on Cops.)
  • You can NOT start a Bank or Fed and then leave. (This is considered cop baiting)
  • You can NOT revive at major crimes.
  • You can NOT keep a hostage for more than 30 minutes.
  • You can NOT return to an active major crime after you die.



Section 2.4

  • Initiation is required for all groups and players when entering a situation that they were previously not involved in
  • Gas Stations:
  • There must be some sort of verbal or text message to police initiation before gunfights break out with gas station robberies.
  • Police may not engage robbery suspects unless they are shot at, threatened, or verbally/msg initiated.
  • Civilians may not engage other civilians or police without initiation, this is not a KOS area.
  • Federal Reserve or Bank Robberies
  • You must send a message within 45 seconds to police, stating your intentions during a major crime (negotiations / no negotiations, location, etc.).
  • Failing to do so will result in the standard protocol which may include: death, immediate arrest, etc.
  • If you are pulled over by police, you must verbally announce your intentions to engage police with demands before shooting, they must disobey these orders for you to be allowed to engage.
  • You must have a valid RP reason to evade police if you cop bait you will be punished.
  • You cannot initiate on a vehicle going 60km/h+
  • You can not rob/initiate on someone within 25m of a NPC. 



Misc. Rules

Section 2.5


  • Committing suicide in jail is not tolerated.
  • You can NOT kamikaze into anyone purposely.
  • You can NOT revive someone just to rob them afterward.

NO Fly Zones

Section 2.6

  • No fly zones are on the map that is restricted for any and all aircraft.
  • If in a NO FLY ZONE, you are subject to be shot down from the sky after "3" warning shots have been given.
  • Warning shots from Cops ARE initiation.
  • No Fly Zones are:
  • Altis Prison (DOC)
  • All Altis Police Departments
  • Safe Zones


Martial Law

Section 2.7


  • Marital Law can be declared by any  Lieutenant+.
  • Anyone outside/near the area of Martial Law can be detained and dealt with accordingly.
  • If a civilian does NOT have a weapon out the civilian should be tazed.
  • If a civilian does have a weapon out the civilian can be shot on sight.
  • If you are in a green zone you are immune to the Martial Law. (Same fleeing to green zone rules apply.)
  • Martial Law shall only last for 15 minutes.  



Section 2.8


  • You cannot tow a plane outside of the airport boundaries.
  • You cannot use a towbar outside of the airport boundaries.
  • You cannot tow someones plane without their permission.
  • You cannot intentionally blow up/damage another persons plane/helicopter at any of the airports.


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