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The towbar is a recently added feature that allows players to tow their planes around the airport. Please check the rules for more information about how you are allowed to use them and where. (Rules Section 2.8)



1. Go to the Altis Market and buy a "Towbar"


2. Attach the Towbar to your offroad by pressing "Y" then selecting the "Towbar" and clicking "Use Item"



3. Now, park the truck up to the plane (within 15m) and press "Windows Key" on the truck and click "Hitch Plane"


4. You can now freely drive around with the plane


5. When you get to where you want to go, press "Windows Key" on the truck and click "Detach Plane"


6. You can now drive away and detach to Towbar


7. Press "Windows Key" on the truck and click "Remove Towbar". The Towbar will be added back to your inventory and you can use it again later.




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