Altis Life Changelog - 0.1

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So there's been several updates since the server launch, but i figured i would start posting updates of whats been changed. So here we are, this is gonna be the first development changelog for the Altis Life server. I'll also be posting here weather or not there are rule updates to accommodate new/altered features



  • New ATM menu
  • Added COP + EMS + Civ heli/plane shop to kavala airport
  • Added COP + EMS + Civ heli/plane garage to kavala airport
  • Added barriers menu for COP/EMS (Y menu button)
  • Added DOC mugshots
  • Increase respawn timer after request
  • Remade the license plate system
    • (For all the below, numbers are random, and for civs letters are also random)
    • Cop license plates: "APD - 123"
    • EMS License plates: "MED - 123"
    • EMS License plates: "ABC - 123"
  • Added NPC at DOC for clothing/guns


  • PD person search showing wanted when not
  • PD vehicle database search showed owner wanted when not
  • Re-made cop shops
  • Cops cant stop escorting cops/ems


  • Nothing

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