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Sam Fitz

Sam Fitz - Staff Application

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1. What is your date of birth (DD/MM/YYYY)?L 16/03/2003


2. Do you have a working microphone?: Yes i do


3. How long have you played on our server?: I have played for about a week and a half


4. Have you ever been Staff on any other server? (if so, state where and your staff rank): Yes i have. The communities including:
Black Night Gaming: Support

Armageddon Gaming: Founder

Republic Gaming: Administrator

Real Life Studios: Moderator

Sharp Roleplay: Moderator & Tech Support


5. Are you Staff on another server?: Not at this time, No


6. Why do you wanna join our staff team(Min. 50 words)?: I want to join the All Around Gaming Staff Team for a number of reasons. For one, i want to assist Staff with situations on TeamSpeak, such as people breaking community guidelines there, and helping out any civilians that may need it. For two, I have noticed that there are rules being broken when Staff isnt always available. And three, i want to assist other Staff Members with whatever situations may come up. But mainly, i have noticed there are not always enough Staff available for ongoing situations


7. Why should we accept you over someone else (Min. 100 words)?: I feel that you should accept me over other applicants because of my past experience that others may not have. I have not been Staff on any big time communities such as ALRP, Life Studios or Project Life, but i do have my fair share of experience from other Arma 3 Life communities. I Also feel that you should accept me over someone else is because of my availability times. I am available every day for at least 6 hours or more. Another reason i feel that you should accept me is because I know how to handle situations calmly, rather than kick someone off of the TeamSpeak right away for no reason. I would asses the situation before any punishment or result will be decided. 

8. Do you understand that if you do not follow or enforce the AAG Server rules and Community Guidelines you can get removed?: Yes, i do


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Congratulations! Your application has been APPROVED

Please join teamspeak with a link to this app and go to "Requesting Teamspeak/Website Tags". You will be started out as a trail staff member.

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