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Ej Lugo

Ej Lugo Doc App

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1. What is your date of birth (DD/MM/YYYY)?


2. Do you have a working microphone?


3. How long have you played on our server?


4. Have you ever been DOC on any other server? (if so, state where and your rank)

Y captian

5. Are you CURRENTLY DOC on another server?


6. Why do you wanna join DOC(Min. 50 words)?

I wanna join the DOC force as I have had many chances to see what it hold and I have enjoyed all of it. I love the feeling of stopping criminals, and taking control of the streets of Altis. As I have been an high ranking officer in the past I have had chance to overview the whole system, and love to experience a semi-new servers ways of going about the police force.

7. Why should we accept you over someone else (Min. 100 words)?

Due to my experience I have got a lot to offer such as my capability to handle situations well and to work in a team sufficiently. I can also show the capability of keeping the streets safe and to help make sure everyone is safe, the main reason I want to be a cop also is to help keep the streets safe and make sure everyone gets along well and to keep everyone legally going about there days.

8. Do you understand that if you do not follow the police and DOC handbooks you can get removed?


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Congratulations! Your application has been APPROVED

Please join Teamspeak and discord with a link to this app and go to "Waiting for whitelisting"


Your Training will be on the Warden or Warden Of Security next days off


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