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Conn Nikolaev - Staff Application

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1. What is your date of birth (DD/MM/YYYY)?


2. Do you have a working microphone?


3. How long have you played on our server?

Since launch.

4. Have you ever been Staff on any other server? (if so, state where and your staff rank)

Yes, multiple servers. I have owned a successful altis life server before (way back when altis was released.) and I have been staff on many of Toxic's servers.

5. Are you Staff on another server?


6. Why do you wanna join our staff team(Min. 50 words)?

 I am friends with ToxicRageTV and I know how well of a developer he has become. That is why I am wanting to apply for staff I want to be able to help grow his community and help be the one that ensures the community is listened to and that their input is well heard by the proper staff. I would also help players with their support cases and make sure the proper outcome is fair and reasonable. 

7. Why should we accept you over someone else (Min. 100 words)? I believe you should accept me over other people because I am a calm and collective person who believes in fairness. During support cases rules will be thoroughly read and checked over to ensure fairness the all parties.  I will also help people whenever I am available and know not to deal with my own support cases. I will show no bias towards anyone during my cases and even punish my friends if necessary. Other staff members will not receive bias as well. Due to my fairness and anti bias standpoint this is why I believe you should select me over someone else.

8. Do you understand that if you do not follow or enforce the AAG Server rules and Community Guidelines you can get removed?


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