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J. Maule

DOC Application Template

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DOC Application Template



You must meet all the requirements in order to apply

  • Must have a working Microphone
  • Must have played on the server  for at least 5 hours

If you meet all the requirements above then you can create a new topic named "Your Name - DOC Application" and copy the below content and fill it out

==========Copy And Paste The Below Content And Fill It In==========

1. What is your date of birth (DD/MM/YYYY)?

2. Do you have a working microphone?

3. How long have you played on our server?

4. Have you ever been DOC on any other server? (if so, state where and your rank)

5. Are you CURRENTLY DOC on another server?

6. Why do you wanna join DOC(Min. 50 words)?

7. Why should we accept you over someone else (Min. 100 words)?

8. Do you understand that if you do not follow the police and DOC handbooks you can get removed?

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