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Teamspeak Information & Rules

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Teamspeak IP: TS3.AAGaming.CA


Teamspeak Rules:

Please read and understand the following rules. Staff have the right to remove you from teamspeak if any of the rules below are broken!

General Policies:

  • No racism
  • Be respectful to all members and staff
  • Have appropriate names (admins discretion)
  • Avatars are the be server related (no nudity, racism, etc)
  • Nothing NSFW should be posted in channels


Kickable Offences:

  • Spamming channels (rapidly changing channels)
  • Disrespecting members
  • Mic spamming (loud noises/music)


Bannable Offenses:

  • Continuous disrespect of staff/community memebers
  • Any of the rules listed under "General Policies" or "Kickable Offences" can lead to ban after repeat offenses!


PLEASE NOTE: THESE RULES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE AT ANY TIME! Please check back every so often so you can stay updated! 

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