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  1. Marlos Staff Application

    1. What is your date of birth (DD/MM/YYYY)? 01/26/99 2. Do you have a working microphone? yasssss 3. How long have you played on our server? years 4. Have you ever been Staff on any other server? (if so, state where and your staff rank) this one: and co-owner, admin, moderator, support staff etc. 5. Are you Staff on another server? nope 6. Why do you wanna join our staff team(Min. 50 words)? cuz I was part of this server since the beginning and wanna come back after an unavoidable absence 7. Why should we accept you over someone else (Min. 100 words)? I have years of experience with you guyz 8. Do you understand that if you do not follow or enforce the AAG Server rules and Community Guidelines you can get removed? yass